Gary Hentz
Gary Hentz
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“Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness.”
Martin Luther King, Jr.

On November 3rd we will be running for Ahtapot, an NGO in Turkey. Ahtapot helps with refugees, homeless, schools and community centers throughout Istanbul.

One way to help is to sponsor us financially in the color run! We hope to reach 3000 Turkish Lira TL (525 usd) 

Follow the steps below (especially if you need translation) 

1) Click Kredi Karti to pay by credit card 
2) Select the amount to donate (20,50,100tl) 100tl = $17 usd 
3) Fill in the boxes: 
   Adiniz Soyadiniz = First Name Last Name 
   Eposta = email address 

4) Check boxes mean the following: 
    First = Monthly donations 
    Second = Your name will be anonymous 
    Third = You name will show but not amount 
5) Click the green button (Bagis Yap) to continue 
6) Confirm your Information by clicking Odemeye Gec (blue button) 
7) Fill in credit card information and click the blue button (Bagisla) 
8) Thanks for your help! 


Our target; To reach more childrens needs by ensuring the continuity of our Goods Reallocation Center! 

Every donation you make could mean: 

a book for children to discover brand new worlds

a shoe to keep their feet warm

a toy to color their imagination 

and much more ...

Support our children! 

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